Kalari Australia

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Kalari Australia exists to promote and share the traditions of Kalarippayattu and Ayurveda through individual health coaching and treatments, as well as workshops and retreats. We also raise awareness of the traditional Indian arts through performance, literature, film and photography.

Our focus is on the understanding that Kalari is a means to facilitate harmony from conflict and is deeply rooted in nature, and the way of natural systems. How do animals fight, rest, and move? What are the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth, and how do we harness these for greatest health and energy?

For most individuals conflict does not play out on a battlefield, but mainly revolves around work and life stress or anxiety – exploring, releasing and resolving this discord is the focus of this institute.

All in all, Kalari Australia aims to respectfully bridge tradition with modern life so that today’s people feel connected to the living lineages of Kalarippayat and Ayurveda. Our hope is, that in doing so, each individual who experiences these arts with us, will be able to develop their intelligence and wisdom for inner and outer peace – truly embodying ‘the way of the warrior’.

Visit The Team page to learn more about our Kalari teachers and physical therapists.


“Warrior: one who does not accept the challenge or the invitation of anger, fear or hatred. One who owns or claims ones own courage. Claiming our ability to be awake and gentle with ourselves – the warrior is friendly to themselves and merciful toward others.”


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