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ABC International feature on Kalari in Adelaide

Destructive Risk – Short video exploring healthy risk taking through Kalari as part of a program by SA Circus Centre and City of Charles Sturt. 

Kalari: The Way of Nature – short video showing the body language of Kalarippayat and how it relates us to the qualities of nature.

Kalari Cheruvadi (Shorstick)



Here I Stopped RunningKalarippayat – short documentary on Alex Kutchera from Germany who lived and studied Kalari for two years with his teacher Gurukkal Sherifka, of the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy

The Way of the Warrior: BBC documentary on Kalarippayat

Ashank (Fearless) – collaboration between Kalari martial artists and contemporary dancers in Bangalore, India

Monika Pęconek: Kalari Weapons – filmed in India at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy

Monika Pęconek: Kalari Chikitsa– filmed in India at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy



Practice at Kalarippayat Berlin

Practice at Studio Kalari in Poland



SBS Radio Hindi Podcast – “India’s Amazing Martial Art Kalarippayat”


“The philosophy of Kalarippayat in general is that of Yoga. It can be summed up in the theory of Dharma-Yudha (War of Duty/Truth). 
Dharma-Yudha is symbolised in the ritual practised in Kalarippayat of touching the floor of the Kalari, or the right hand of the master (in a form of hand-clasp) with the right hand, then touching one’s own chest and head (heart and mind). This stands to signify that the fight should only be initiated by the mind if the heart approves of it.” Kalari artist – John Paul Cassie


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