About Kalarippayat

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Kalarippayat, also known as Kalari, is an Indian martial and healing art form that evolved alongside Yoga and Ayurveda and shares elements of both.

Kalari aims to bring peace to worldly conflict – inner and outer. The practice holistically develops an individual – beginning from physical strength, mental balance and progressing to the unification of the mind, body and spirit. Like Yoga, it is a tradition which leads it’s trainee toward a complete life.

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When the Body Becomes All Eyes


“Slowly you renew yourself, you are regenerating yourself. If you can have this generation of energy, that is the real meaning. That you can generate energy from your body, you begin to become radiant. You are conscious of the flow of blood, the flow of breath, the taste of water and the feel of air after movement. Your whole body is vibrant. The body can be reclaimed as a source of energy and strength.” Chandralekha, Kalari practitioner and choreographer


Chandralekha and Vandanam