“When The Body Becomes All Eyes”

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“In Kerala, there is a folk expression which summarizes the martial practitioner’s ideal state of psychophysiological pneumatic accomplishment explored here–a state in which the “body becomes all eyes” (meyyu kannakuka). One reading of the “body as all eyes” is as the yogic/Ayurvedic bodymind, which intuitively responds to the sensory environment and which is healthful and fluid in its congruency.

It is the animal body in which there is unmediated, uncensored, immediate respondence to stimuli. Like Brahma, the “thousand eyed,” the practitioner who is accomplished can “see” everywhere around him, intuitively sensing danger in the environment and responding immediately. “

Phillip Zarrilli – Tyn-y-parc kalari/studio


Kalari and Yoga share principles and terminology. However, there are also obvious differences.Kalari stresses the concept of living in this world, emphasising the expansion and development of the senses, as opposed to the classical practice of pratyahara or going inside. This paradigm is commonly called “when the body becomes all eyes”.

Gerhard Schmidt – Kalari Sangha


“The pedagogical methods of Kalrippayattu training are to train the body in a graduated manner so that it achieves perfect knowledge of itself.” Matthew Varghese


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