Kalari Uzichil (Kalari Physiotherapy)

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About Kalari Uzichil

Kalari Uzichil involves treating the full-body with the application of specific flowing massage techniques using medicinal oils. Alana creates the oils based on an individual’s current state of health and seasonal conditions.  Base oils include organic Coconut and Sesame, combined with local plant medicines such as Tulsi (pictured above), Camphor resin (reduces inflammation, increases joint mobility and flexibility) and Frankincense (promotes circulation, prevents degeneration of cartilage in the joints and regenerates the nervous system).

Treatments follow the fundamental principles of India’s medicinal system, Ayurveda (Ayur=Life / Veda=Science), and have also been influenced by Siddha medicine and other regional Indigenous knowledge systems. Like Chinese and Tibetan medicines, Ayurveda views a human being as a microcosm of the natural world.

Treatments assist the body to return to a state of balance so that it can ultimately heal itself.  As Phillip Zarrilli explains, what distinguishes the Kalari therapist’s medical expertise from that of other specialists is their psychophysiological training as a martial artist. This gives the practitioner extraordinary control over their body and thus control of the vital energy or wind (prana vayu). The efficacy of treatment is based on this ability to control and channel prana (energy) while giving treatments.

For further information download Phillip B. Zarrilli’s (PH. D) article “The Kalarippayattu Martial Master as Healer: Traditional Kerala Massage Therapies”


  • – stimulate the three circulatory systems of the body, especially invigorating for the lymph system creating a detoxifying and rejuvenating effect
  • – helps to relieve body aches
  • – helps to free emotions and psychological blocks, clearing us on a deep energetic level
  • – deepens the breathing pattern
  • – increases flexibility and circulation, especially good for people sitting for long hours, as well as sports people, dancers and performers.



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