Prana Chikitsa (Energy Treatment)

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Sessions available online via Skype or in person in Adelaide


What to Expect

Alana provides a professional service in a warm, caring and sensitive manner. 

The method of reading and receiving energy is simple. The recipient remains clothed and lies or sits and relaxes. Alana gently places her hands in a series of non-intrusive positions on or near the body to analyse the energy system. 

Alana will discuss findings with the client and together they will talk over ways to rebalance the system. There is no massage or manipulation. The whole person is treated rather than specific areas.



  • - brings energy flow and balance to our entire system – mind and body
  • - understand and release physical, mental, and emotional traumas
  • - links mental and physical aspects of the body and increases mental concentration and energy
  • - relax and restore balance when feeling overwhelmed or disconnected
  • - increased feelings of peace, centredness and an ability to cope better with the challenges of life


About Prana Chikitsa

Prana Chikitsa translates as ‘Energy Treatment’, referring to the practice of understanding and working with the subtle energy system of the body. The ancient tradition of pranic (energy) treatment promotes healing at the deepest level. Treatments follow the fundamental principles of India’s medicinal system, Ayurveda (Ayur=Life / Veda=Science), and have also been influenced by Siddha medicine and other regional Indigenous knowledge systems.

Like Chinese and Tibetan medicines, Ayurveda views a human being as a microcosm of the natural world. Treatments assist the body to return to a state of balance so that it can ultimately heal itself. As Phillip Zarrilli explains, what distinguishes the Kalari therapist’s medical expertise from that of other specialists is their psychophysiological training as a martial artist. This gives the practitioner extraordinary control over their body and thus control of the vital energy or wind (prana vayu). The efficacy of treatment is based on this ability to control and channel prana (energy) while giving treatments.

If injury, repetitive negative beliefs or thoughts, or other traumas are effecting a patient, a therapist will work to rebalance the subtle energy system and then discuss holistic lifestyle practices (movement, diet and herbs, pranayama or breathing practices, mindfulness and/or suitable spiritual practices) with the client, to empower them to revitalise their mind, body and spirit. 

More information: Phillip B. Zarrilli’s (PH. D) :  “The Kalarippayattu Martial Master as Healer: Traditional Kerala Massage Therapies”




Alana began studying natural health sciences in her early teens. She continues her research and practice in India, Canada and South America with traditional health practitioners, bringing together this knowledge with university studies in environmental science. 

A dedication to studying concepts of harmony and nature through traditional and modern sciences came about due to life’s challenges, and the desire to face difficulty and live peacefully with herself and others.

Alana is an advocate for a holistic approach to life and health ( Soul Strong Society / Movement Is My Medicine Festival). Through the guidance of wise teachers, Alana has come to understand that we are each responsible for our own health. Rather than being a ‘healer’ of any sort, Alana sees herself as a facilitator – someone who can help people experience their own best way forward. She has utmost respect for each person she meets with, believing that these sessions are a shared experience of learning and healing.

Travelling between India and Australia regularly, Alana is dedicated to continuing studies and professional development in the arts of mindfulness, Kalarippayat and natural health.

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